We have taken the step to offer high quality BIM services to our clients, adding to our advanced consultancy services 

Implementation and training

We adapt to your needs

To implement BIM we draft a  preliminary analysis with the company, from which we define quantifiable and time-limited goals. We personalize the training based on the requirements and services of your company.

BIM Documentation

BIM Implementation Plans

We draw up pre-contractual BIM Execution Plans (BEP) in tenders and post-contractual BEP once the project has been awarded. We also prepare BIM Requirement Documents for the developer.


Architecture, structures, networks and civil works

We develop 3D models from 2D drawings in all disciplines of the construction sector. During the modeling process, we amend any inaccuracies detected, coordinating these changes with the rest of the involved parties.

Clash detection

Cross-disciplinary coordination and reporting

We coordinate models from all disciplines, allowing early detection of inconsistencies and clashes. Our team of professionals also propose solutions, shortening the time for conflict resolution.

4D Planning

Site planning based on BIM models with 4D software

We create animations of the progress of works, showing the site layout, temporary structures, plant and health & safety items and we prepare explanatory videos for tenders.

5D measurements

Quantification of items modelled with specific 5D software

We measure the modeled items. The level of development of the models will determine the percentage of the project that can be quantified, and traceability of up to 70% can be achieved

Monitoring of works

We manage and coordinate the BIM implementation on site

We update the models and the BIM Implementation Plan. We provide specialized personnel to coordinate the works. Thanks to 4D and 5D models, we monitor the progress and update the quantities and measurements in real time.


Final stage of the model replicating what has been built

We update the model showing the constructed reality (LOD 500) and is documented in the As-Built model with required levels of information so that it is useful in the subsequent management, maintenance and operation stage.